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This artisanal pasta is made in the Antola Natural Park, near Genoa, in Italy, using nothing but mountain spring water and premium 100% Italian durum wheat semolina. Our lasagna sheets are made using a process similar to the ancient rolling pin method, which gives them a rough and porous texture that helps sauces stick. They are then dried at low temperature for 8 hours. The result: pasta of an unparalleded quality which, when cooked, has a consistency similar to fresh pasta.

How to precook the lasagne: If all the sheets are cooked together, they should be drained and added to a bowl of cold water to keep them separated. Otherwise, most Italians cook a few sheets at a time (adding a drop of oil to the cooking water) and lift them out of the pot one by one with a slotted spoon, then add more to the pot (kept on a rolling boil) as they layer the lasagna.

Distinctive attributes: The difference is obvious when our product is compared to mass-produced pasta, extruded in Teflon dies: They are shiny and smooth, which means the sauce can't properly coat the pasta and sinks to the bottom of the plate instead.

Our pasta is produced in one of Italy's purest, most pollutant-free areas: the mountains of the Antola natural reserve. It is made with spring water from the reserve and glyphosate-free Italian durum wheat semolina of the highest quality.

To achieve a classic al dente consistency, our artisanal pasta undergoes a slow drying process at 30°C for 12 to 20 hours, depending on thickness. This ensures the centre of the pasta stays firmer and cooks more slowly once plunged into boiling water. Thanks to this consistency, your pasta dishes will be a success, every time.

Origin: Now made in Montoggio, Liguria in Italy and iconized in Rome, their roots are actually Sicilian. In his book, De Arte Coquinaria (1480) famous chef of the time Martino da Como, refers to "Sicilian macaroni" and describes the production process for bucatini in detail.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina.

Contains: Wheat.



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