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Are You Ready To Experience The Creeds Private Label Difference?


Creeds General Store and Marketplace is proud to be home to many of our own successful ‘Creeds’ premium private label products that range from extra virgin organic olive oil,  vinegar and pickles to exclusive coffee beans, decadent cookies and desserts, our own homemade jam and so much more!

Why are our premium private label products SO popular among consumers throughout the GTA?

In business since 1921, at Creeds we know that in today’s fast-paced environment our customers are seeking ease, convenience, and a personalized shopping experience. Creeds private label products deliver all of those benefits, plus variety and superior quality.

In recent years we’ve witnessed first-hand the strong consumer shift toward fresh, organic, and natural foods and away from packaged, processed products.From vegan and free-from, to local, our private label products adapt to changing consumer needs, including healthy food options, sustainable products, and support for the local GTA community.

What can you expect from our premium label products? Let’s take a look at a few….



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This extra virgin olive oil has a predominantly nutty flavor with hints of ripe apple, cinnamon and hay. It is a good all-purpose organic oil.This oil is certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), certified extra virgin olive oil by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) and certified Kosher.



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This cask-aged balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, is made from acetified grape must matured using the Solera method of blending, transferring the vinegar between a succession of high-quality barrels of different sizes. A several year refinement process in high quality wood results in a rich and assertive condiment with a warm brown color and a thick, fluid consistency. The aroma is penetrating and persistent. With port and madeira undertones, it is a classic balsamic taste.

We call it Cask 10 to give people in Canada a sense of the age of the vinegar. You will be able to taste and feel the difference between an aged vinegar and the cheap substitutes made by adding caramel or other products.

Density: 1.32

Gluten Free. No artificial flavorings, thickening agents, caramel nor additives added.

May contain sulfites.



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Donning a raccoon coat, an Issey Miyake sweater, and a suave hat, “Eddie” Creed was a man of refined taste and style. In an effort to capture that spirit, we created a big and bold exclusive coffee bean as a tribute to the legend himself.

The name “Cinque” comes from a classic retelling of Eddie’s travels to Italy. One evening, Eddie ordered a “Sanka” in hopes of receiving an instant decaffeinated coffee as this was a popular brand at the time. To his surprise and delight, the waiter misunderstood and returned with five shots of espresso. She had interpreted his request as “cinque” or five in Italian. It was from this encounter that “Cinque” was born out of humour and happenstance.

Our diligent, tried-and-true house espresso roast, that’s been with us from the start. This unwavering roast is designed to produce a big-bodied shot packed with flavour and complexity that can hold its own when combined with milk.While we rotate its component parts depending on the season, its defining feature is a fine balance of dark fruit, Swiss chocolate and nutty tones with medium acidity, tailor-made to stand the test of time!

Since today’s consumers are hungry for variety, convenience, and ease, Creed’s General Store and Marketplace use our private labels to deliver exclusive products that honour consumer diversity and build loyalty.

We take pride in trying to make your life easier with next day delivery or pick up Monday to Friday throughout the GTA. Providing unique, high-quality private label products, coupled with fresh meat and fish, dairy, artisan cheese, snacks, condiments and spices, coffee, beer, wine, prepared food – and everything in-between – we invite you to experience the ‘Creeds Marketplace’ difference today.

See you soon!

Delivery areas include: Greater Toronto Area, Collingwood (Thursdays), and Muskoka ( July/August -Thursdays).





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